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Tata Aria 2012 calendar

I made a calendar out of 12 handpics Tata Aria photos. This was also the first time I spent some time playing around in photoshop.

If you’re an automobile enthusiast, you may like these calendar wallpapers.

Jan 2012- View Highres

Feb 2012- View Highres

March 2012 –View Highres

April 2012 –View Highres

May 2012 -View Highres

June 2012 -View Highres

July 2012 -View Highres

August 2012 -View Highres

September 2012 –View Highres

October 2012-View Highres

November 2012 -View Highres

December 2012 –View Highres

More tata aria photos can be found herehere and here


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